Sunday, March 19, 2017

Blog #2 - M6696

 So, if you're here because I posted a link in am I. You can't advertise this kind of thing and then give up. Accountability is like that. I've already had a few people message me and ask about lessons and help....Like you guys, learning on my own can leave me questioning my life decisions. I think sometimes I'm left with an 'eff it' attitude when my project just won't behave....and as the bottom of that wine bottle starts to emerge, I just grab my phone and ball up on the couch like a normal, drunken human and try to forget the whole thing ever happened....Hello, YouTube...If I fail at actually DOING something, I can pop on and watch someone else succeed and feel like their win is actually my win. So there. Success!

 This week I've been working on McCall's Shirtdress pattern 6696, which has been featured on Sian's (pronounced 'Shawn' for the rest of my fellow Americans) vlog, KittenishBehaviour, on youtube several times. You can check out one of her lookbook vlogs here and see one of her sleeveless versions. She makes it look gorgeous. I've been sewing for years and thought it was time I learn to make something more intricate that children's clothing. My daughter gets nice (maybe a bit of a stretch) turn.

I ordered both the size options for this pattern, since paper patterns are straight up idiotic. They have SO MUCH ease built in that you end up wearing a tent if you aren't careful.

Don't Trash It Tip:
 Use finished measurements on the paper pieces to assess whether it will be a good fit for you. DO NOT choose your size based on the envelope. If you have a full bust larger than a B cup, start with the measurement on the envelope that is closest to your high bust measurement and then do a Full Bust Adjustment to match your full bust. Again....YouTube to the rescue.....FBA, SBA adjustment

  This pattern comes with different cup sizes already built in, but again....check your finished measurements. Even though I would normally be a D cup, I still went with a C because of the finished measurement on the pattern pieces. The jury is still out on this one. I have some fit issues that I need to resolve, but it's not THAT bad....or maybe I just have low standards. Probably that.

 So I made my muslin. The back is billowy. Parachute-esque, even. It had to go. So in a fit of inspiration and a leap-before-you-look moment, I folded my back pattern piece and shaved about 2" off the center. Not bad. I still have room in the back for movement. The yoke piece fits nicely.

 I learned how to ease in a sleeve this week. Not the worst thing in the world, but damn...the whole time, I was watching Youtube vids and hoping I wouldn't jack it up...this video helped a lot. I like that she had the double basting go VERY far past where it says to on the pattern. It seems like it gives more fudge room (highly technical jargon there), because let's face it...not an easy technique. For a closer look and an even slower video I used this one right hur by Angela Kane. I like her voice.

 Moving along, the pleats are standard. I only got 1 caught up in the sewing. If you say you've never done it before you're either a dirty rotten liar or you've never done pleats. Plenty of unpicking went on in this project, which is probably a sign that I need to slow my ass down. I can't help being excited...

 I also learned how to construct a collar. I know, I know....doesn't this chick know anything?! Meh, not really. But I'm getting there.

 Also, also....a button band. There's a first for everything ladies and gents.

 The ONE big thing I did have a beef about was the waist band. After loads of searching for this and hoping for the inside construction picture (that I did not take either), and never finding it, I felt a bit deflated. My band was too short by about 3" total, and I was at a bit of a loss. Apparently, this is a common thing. As soon as I read that I felt a little more validated about not being THAT much a noob that I had missed something. So, if you do tackle this pattern, measure your skirt before cutting that band. In fact, I did the 16 and would just suggest cutting the WHOLE piece out and then cutting it down accordingly. Technically sound? Not likely....but it's SAFE.

 So here's a token picture of the finished product....and I'm wearing some makeup so it's internet worthy. I'll have MisterFC take a couple of pictures of me in my new dress and see if I can get them up for you guys.

If you have any questions, throw 'em at me!

Word up, Sew-mies,


Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You ever go searching for information or instructions that are crafting related because you are SO lost you don't even know where to begin? So you fire up Pinterest to do a quick search and you end up with tons of inspirational photos and maybe a few blogs like this one that will break it down Barney style for you. Then you decide you learn better by HEARING your instructions or watching someone actually do it, so you then search YouTube. After spending 5 hours searching, 3 reading, another 4 stringing through videos (and maybe a rabbit hole through FailArmy), you are ready to tackle this and it's going to turn out RIGHTEOUS. But no. No it doesn't. You end up with a mess of *Insert craft supply list here* and you're done. You're absolutely tapped out on brain power and you can't do it anymore. So you set it aside and glare at it from across the room and swear you'll make it submit another day....


Please tell me I'm not alone.

We (I know you're out there) are the Try Again Squad. The Never-Giving-Up-Hope crew. The Why-Don't-I-Make-A-Million-And-Just-Buy-The-Damn-Thing group. We are soul mates in our failure. But not just in our failure, but our determination to get it to work. Through failure is growth and experience.

So this is it. This is where I eff everything up and toss it across the room - take pictures...piss and moan as I publish them to you....and then try again. I'm a real human being. I'm not just going to show you all the awesome things I that blog is boring. I'm not going to show you a perfectly kept sewing space (BAHAHAHAHA) because that's not where art happens. I'll give you a little bit more of myself as we go. I'll elaborate more on my life and my experiences and why I'm learning how to sew clothing. You'll get to know me. Eventually. But for now I'll let you know that this is my catharsis. I need a place to lay it out, analyze it all, break it apart and put it back again. I need the emotional satisfaction that comes with cataloging and making things make sense. So I'm here for me more than anything, but boy do I want some intelligent interchanges between others who are like me. I look forward to this journey and getting to know you. I know you're out there.

And if you have tips....dear god, please always comment. Tell me. Share with me. Help me improve.

Until the next time,